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buy Catnip Infused Self Grooming Cat Toy Brush online in Kenya on

Catnip Infused Self Grooming Cat Toy Brush

495 KSh
This self groomer comes with a sample catnip sachet included. You can purchase additional catnip on The brush cat

Classic Balanced Salmon 4Kg

2099 KSh
Exquisite meal with full-flavoured salmon Complete feed for adult cats Well-balanced cat food with all the necessary nutrients and proven

Culinesse Salmon 2Kg

1590 KSh
Is your cat a little gourmet? JOSERA Culinesse with refined salmon is just the thing for discerning cats. The balanced

Josicat Beef 4Kg Cat Food

2099 KSh
Tasty kibble with savoury beef Tasty kibble refined with hearty beef Complete feed for adult cats Flavourful kibble with an

Oliwis Dried Catnip

95 KSh295 KSh
Some common reactions that cats have to smelling or eating catnip include rolling around, purring, becoming frisky and playful, and

Paltner High Grade Catnip

500 KSh 395 KSh
The Paltner high grade catnip is an all natural cat treat that contains no additives and preservatives. Benefits of Paltner

Sensicat Chicken 2Kg Cat Food

1690 KSh
Anti-hairball complete cat food for picky cats