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Cat Anti-Scratch Restraint Bag for Cleaning, Injections, Grooming etc

695 KSh
Perfect tool for bathing and grooming cats. Made of high quality polyester, mesh design to let water in and out
buy Catnip Infused Self Grooming Cat Toy Brush online in Kenya on

Catnip Infused Self Grooming Cat Toy Brush

495 KSh
This self groomer comes with a sample catnip sachet included. You can purchase additional catnip on The brush cat

Detachable Fur Remover Comb

1400 KSh1700 KSh
Material : Metal and Plastic  

Multipurpose Untangling Grooming Brush

395 KSh
Very effective for preventing knotting of fur. This comb is recommended for daily grooming of small dogs or cats. The
Pet Grooming Deshedding and Massage Glove for removing excess fur in cats and dogs buy online in Kenya

Pet Grooming and Massage Glove

490 KSh
The soft rubber material ensures a gentle massage and grooming without the painful removal of fur or irritating the skin.